Kromski Sonata spinning wheel


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The Kromski Sonata is a folding castle wheel with a 50cm (19.75″) drive wheel. Designed to be portable and easily transported, prices shown include the padded rucksack style bag and 3 standard bobbins.

Unpolished bare wood £513

Clear finish £572

Walnut or Mahogany finish £593

Supplied with its own carrying bag it’s ideal for taking out with you to Guild meetings and events. The good quality padded bag has top handles and adjustable back strap for carrying the wheel over both shoulders like a rucksack to leave both hands free. The flyer can be transported fully assembled in the frame and the wheel is protected with an additional padded pouch for the flyer. Great!

Sonata complete

  • The sturdy base frame gives a solid base while spinning. All solid wood construction, made from European Alder and Birch, well finished and polished as standard.
  • Large 50cm (19.75?) wheel
  • Single drive flyer with standard ratios of 6.7, 12.5, & 14:1
  • Orifice height of 30 – 31″ is well suited to sitting in ordinary chairs and helps maintain good posture while spinning.
  • Double treadle construction is easy to start and stop, exactly when you want to. Effortless treadling results in fantastic control over the speed you want to go at – no worry about keeping the wheel going! The footmen join to the main wheel with strong, flexible plastic connectors at the front of the wheel and the main wheel is supported with ball bearings.
  • Optional high speed flyer ratios 12, 16, and 18:1.
  • Optional Jumbo Flyer Low ratios of 5, 7.5 and 10:1 (See Accessories pages for these flyers and spare bobbins).
  • Sonata flyers are supported on special plastic mouldings in the maidens for super slick spinning.
  • As a single drive wheel it is supplied with an elastic drive band as standard for easy changing between speeds and minimum tension on the wheel.
  • On board threading hook storage in the front maiden – it’s always to hand.
  • Standard 10mm orifice on the flyer which takes all Kromski standard bobbins.
  • Central position orifice suits drafting with either left or right hand forward.
  • On board bobbin holder holds 2 bobbins. Although this could be used for plying I would always recommend an independent Kate for perfect positioning to suit you. (see Lazy Kates)

All Kromski wheels are supplied with three standard bobbins which are fully interchangeable throughout the Kromski range of wheels and have significantly larger capacity than many other bobbins on the market.

Kromski Sonata, folded, with flyer

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For details of the Magnetic flyer option see here.

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