Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel


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The Kromski Minstrel has an impressive range of ratios for such a compact spinning wheel thanks to its good sized 45cm (18″) drive wheel.

Clear finish £555

Unpolished bare wood £480, Walnut or Mahogany finish £571

  • Spin a wide range of yarns easily on standard ratios of 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16:1.
  • Double treadles for easy treadling and fantastic wheel control.
  • Double drive can also be used with Scotch tension set up for ultimate yarn take up control. Can be fitted with flexible elastic drive band for easy change between ratios when spinning with Scotch tension. Use the supplied hemp drive band when spinning as double drive.
  • 10mm orifice – the Minstrel is great for many types of yarn from lace weight to chunky.
  • For fabulous super thick and art yarns you can easily add the Jumbo Flyer kit which  gives ratios of 4 & 5.3:1
  • 33.5″ (850mm) orifice height for easy spinning from a regular upright chair. The orifice is very slightly offset to the right of centre, easy to spin either right or left hand forward.
  • On board 2nd whorl and threading hook.
  • On board bobbin holder.
  • Also available unfinished to order £460

The left hand upright top is removable to fit a distaff (optional extra) Distaffs are available from stock in all finishes – clear lacquer, walnut or mahogany finish £21 each, natural bare wood £19.

Distaff on Minstrel, clear finish

All Kromski wheels are supplied with three standard bobbins which are fully interchangeable throughout the Kromski range of wheels and have significantly larger capacity than many other bobbins on the market.

Kromski describe this wheel as having on board Kate and as such they do not supply a lazy Kate with this wheel. The on board bobbin holder only supports two bobbins and I would recommend that you use a stand alone Kate for successful plying. See Accessories pages for Kromski Lazy Kates.

Spinning wheels are sent with Free standard shipping to UK mainland addresses. See Delivery costs page for more details.

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Bare wood, unpolished, Clear finish, Mahogany finish, Walnut finish