Kromski Magnetic Flyer Head for Sonata


Sonata magnetic flyer hooks and whorls
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Transform your Sonata with the new Magnetic Flyer head. All options and accessories usually in stock.

Magnetic flyer head for the Sonata

£142.75 for the complete set Clear, Walnut or Mahogany finish. £125.95 unpolished bare wood. plus £5 P&P all UK areas. All options in stock.

The Sonata magnetic flyer head replaces the original flyer which comes with the wheel. Using the same system as in the Fantasia wheel the pulley block/whorl stays on the back post and the bobbin spindle comes forwards. The magnetic flyer snaps into place and changing bobbins is a breeze!

Sliding yarn guides –

Sliding yarn guides Sonata magnetic flyer

Just as with the Fantasia, the flyer arms have large sliding yarn guides rather than hooks which allow more textured and thicker yarns easily to flow onto the bobbin. Supplied as standard with brown guides there are additional options for yellow, pink or blue guides – personalise your wheel with your favourite colour. Standard size coloured ring yarn guides and Jumbo yarn guides (brown only) £5.75/set 4

Delta Orifice set £18.25 Fits neatly on the end of the shaft for easy bulky and textured spinning

Extra ratios to hand –

The new flyer head also includes whorls/pulleys with the option of four ratios – 5.5:1 / 9.5:1 and 10.5:1 / 15:1. As optional extras there is an extra slow pulley/whorl which provides 4.4:1 and 6.5:1, and for the finer yarns the fast whorl whizzes along at 20:1 and 22:1. This expands the spinning range of the Sonata into new territory and the new blocks are easily changed on the spindle – yay! Whorls/pulleys are £16.50 each, regardless of size. All sizes usually in stock.

Double drive option –

As the drive wheel and bobbin’s end now sit next to each other, the Sonata can be used as a double drive wheel. Shown here as single drive with the stretchy band, the new flyer set comes complete with a string band for double drive spinning, so you can spin with either system, just tie the unused drive band on the drive wheel upstand post out of the way.

Sonata magnetic flyer head rear


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Bare wood, unpolished, Clear finish, Mahogany finish, Walnut finish