Kromski Harp rigid heddle looms



Kromski Harp folding rigid heddle looms are a perfect way to work with your handspun yarns for your special hand made cloth. From £162. Now also available in Walnut finish in the 16″, 24″ and 32″ sizes, with stands and heddles to match.

Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle

weaving looms

Don’t knit or crochet? Fancy doing something different with your hand spun yarn? Weaving is a great way to use hand spun yarn and show off your creations in a versatile way.

  • Kromski Harp folding table looms now available in four sizes for fabric up to 20cm, 40cm, 60cm or 80cm (8″, 16″, 24″ or 32″) wide.
  • All looms now are with the magnetic metal pawl and ratchet system.
  • 8 dent heddle included (5, 10 & 12 dent available as accessories)
  • Pegs to make an integral warping frame on the underside of the loom
  • Warping peg clamp included to warp directly through the heddle
  • Threading hook
  • ‘Warp helper’ to support the front and back sticks as you tie the warp on
  • Two stick shuttles
  • Pick up stick
  • Table clamps

Other sizes of pick up sticks and shuttles are available as accessories.

Upgrade kits are £25.95 each, suitable for any of the old style harp looms. These kits include all the necessary parts to upgrade your original Harp to the same magnetic metal ratchet and pawl system as the Harp Forte looms.

One of the great things about these looms is that they can fold up with your weaving on so  you can take them to Guild meetings, friend’s houses, on holiday – wherever you want!   Floor stands are available to fit each size, and sturdy bags for all sizes except the 8″.

Looms, stands and bags (prices are all each)

Prices below are for the new Harp Forte in clear finish with the magnetic metal ratchets and pawls system. NOTE the Forte looms are supplied with 8dpi reed not the 10 dpi reed as were the original harp.

  • Kromski Harp 20cm (8″)   £173     Floor Stand £72    Bag not yet available
  • Kromski Harp 40cm (16″) £190     Floor Stand £80    Bag £38
  • Kromski Harp 60cm (24″) £206     Floor Stand £90    Bag £46
  • Kromski Harp 80cm (32″) £236     Floor Stand £99    Bag £53
  • Kromski Harp Walnut  40cm (16″) £206   Floor stand Walnut £90
  • Kromski Harp Walnut  60cm (24″) £228   Floor stand Walnut £98
  • Kromski Harp Walnut  40cm (16″) £256   Floor stand Walnut £107

These kits include all the necessary parts to upgrade your original Harp to the same magnetic metal ratchet and pawl system as the Forte looms.

Extra reeds/heddles: 5 dpi, 8 dpi, 10 dpi, 12 dpi8 and 12 dpi Kromski reeds. 16 inch (1024x647)

Whatever dent the reed, the price is the same for that length. Wood is polished alder, and the top bar is usually curved topped. The central slots and holes section is plastic. Available in 5, 8, 10 and 12 dpi in sizes from 4″. The smallest, 4″, is used independently from the loom frame, held in the working position with one hand while the other throws the shuttle, or used without a loom frame. This is easily done on such a narrow width. All sizes and dents usually in stock.

  • 10 cm (4″)  £11.50
  • 20cm (8″)   £17.50
  • 40cm (16″) £25.75 / £27.75 Wa
  • 60cm (24″) £30.50 / £32.50 Wa
  • 80cm (32″) £38 / £40 Wa

Warping sticks

Supplied in packs of 12 these warping sticks are made from top quality unpolished pine and make warping the looms correctly a breeze. To fit loom sizes:

  • 20cm (8″)    £12.75
  • 40cm (16″)  £15.50
  • 60cm (24″)  £21.00
  • 80cm (32″)  £26.75

Stick Shuttles

Beautifully made from polished alder wood these stick shuttles are lovely to use and handy to have in a variety of sizes to suit different weaving widths and techniques. Now avaiable in the Walnut finish to match the walnut finish looms.

  • 4″   £2.65
  • 8″   £3.65
  • 12″ £4.25
  • 16″ £5.50 / £5.75 Wa
  • 24″ £6.75 / £7.75 Wa
  • 32″ £9.25 / £9.95 Wa

Pick up sticksKromski pick up sticks

Available in a handy range of sizes and nicely made from polished alder wood, pick up sticks enhance your weaving patterning options.

  • 8″    £3.10
  • 12″  £4.10
  • 17″  £4.50 / £4.95 Wa
  • 25″  £6.00 / £6.95 Wa
  • 33″  £7.50 / £8.95 Wa

Other accessories Made from polished alder wood they suit all Kromski harp looms.

Second side Post kit/second heddle block set, used when adding a second heddle for finer setts, the looms are already pre-drilled with the required holes to fit £21.00

Warping peg and clamp set (included with new looms) £15.50

Warping helper (U shape) £9

Warping Hooks (included with new looms) £9.75 / £10.50 Wa

Spare clamps – clamp and block (included with new looms) £8.75 each

Woven Merino & silk coils



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Weight 5 kg

16"/40cm, 24"/60cm, 32"/80cm, 8"/20cm


Clear, Walnut