Great Flyer set for Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel



Minstrel Great Flyer set

With everything you need to convert your Minstrel to a super chunky spinning machine, the Great Flyeer is a great addition to the range. The kit comes complete with new rear and front posts, a flyer with a massive 27mm orofoce and sliding yarn guides, and two great bobbins. With their huge 700g capacity they are ideal for making long lengths of highly textures and wonderfully thick and novel yarns.

The slow pulley/whorl has ratios of 3.5:1 and 4.8:1. As the flyer is designed to be used double drive you also get a longer new drive band. Leave the original on and tie it out of the way for using the regular flyers. I have used the great flyer very successfully with a stretchy drive band and Scotch tension, it just needs a stronger spring than the normal one.

The on board kate is able to hold regular, jumbo and of course the great bobbins. All in all this is a versatile and useful addition for spinning art yarns and high twist, thick rug yarns.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Finish & Colour

Bare wood, unpolished, Clear finish, Mahogany finish, Walnut finish