Kromski Interlude – Saxony Delight

Kromski Interlude completeKromski Interlude – A comfy middle sized wheel.

Large 55cm (22″) drive wheel.

£489 in clear lacquer finish, with 3 standard bobbins

Unpolished bare wood £427

Walnut or Mahogany finish £4505

Spinning wheels are sent with Free standard shipping to UK mainland addresses. See Delivery costs page for more details.

The Interlude completes the circle in the range of Kromski’s traditional spinning wheels. A Saxony style wheel with sloping table, this wheel is how many would describe their image of a spinning wheel. Great for starter or seasoned spinners.

  • 22″ wheel give ratios of  7, 13.5 & 15.5:1
  • All solid wood construction, made from European Alder and Birch
  • Medium size for easy transportation
  • Faster Flyer available with ratios of 13.3, 17.5 & 20:1
  • Jumbo Flyer available with ratios of 5.5, 8.3 & 11:1
  • Single Treadle
  • Single Drive with Scotch tension
  • Supplied with 3 standard bobbins
  • Elastic drive band as standard for easy changing between ratios
  • Traditional leather flyer bearings
  • On board threading hook
  • On board bobbin holder holds three bobbins, can be used to make 3 fold yarn.

All Kromski wheels are supplied with three standard bobbins which are fully interchangeable throughout the range of Kromski wheels and have significantly larger capacity than many other bobbins on the market.

Kromski Interlude in Mahogany finish For any further information, phone 01558 650760 or contact us through the form here.