Kromski Fantasia – Revolutionary Design

Kromski Fantasia

Kromski Fantasia

Unpolished ready to paint, stain or decorate £344

Clear Finish with walnut accent £447

Walnut finish with blonde accent £447

Kromski Fantasia walnut finish

The Kromski Fantasia is a spinning wheel one of a kind. Thoroughly modern in design and appearance, with features unique to this model in the Kromski range. The low cost unpolished option opens the door to would be spinners with minimum investment.As with all the Kromski wheels, it is supplied with threading hook, bottle of oil and three bobbins.

The wheel is slightly weighted due to the extra width of the accent on the drive wheel. This makes it easy to ensure that clockwise spinning is employed. It’s not a worry to spin the wheel the other way when plying as the wheel is so easy to control with the double treadles. The orifice height  is 71.5 cm to the centre, about 28″.

Kromski Fantasia options

Single drive with a stretchy drive band this wheel is supplied with two ratios of 5:1 and 8:1. As many learners like to start to spin on low ratios it offers plenty time to draft, even when treadling relatively quickly. There are extra ratios available for faster spinning with a fast whorl, and a high speed whorl. Each has two ratios and is available in all the colour options. Fast or high speed whorls are £16.50 each in lacquered finishes or £15 in bare wood. Jumbo and standard whorls also available at the same prices. All options in stock.

Kromski Fantasia flyer

With a magnetic flyer the whorl/pulley block stays on the wheel when you change bobbins, no need to remove the drive band. The flyer has sliding rings rather than the conventional static metal hooks and can cope with a wide variety of large and textured yarns the classic hooks cannot. The regular orifice is 10mm, there is a jumbo orifice option, and a jumbo flyer as well which will take the Jumbo bobbins. Kromski Fantasia yarn ring flyer

Fantasia Jumbo flyer kit

Kromski Fantasia Jumbo Flye

With its huge 27mm orifice, larger even then the Ashford Country Spinner, this is a new direction for crazy, funky art yarn spinning. Like all the other Kromski jumbo flyers, this will easily use the standard bobbins for spinning. Of course you can spun on the jumbo bobbin for extra length of singles yarns. The kit comes with an extra low speed 4:1 ratio whorl so you have ultimate control while spinning those complex yarns, but you can use the standard whorls as well. All options available from stock. The included yarn guides are suitably huge, and the kit also has a jumbo bobbin and replacement string and spring set. See the image above. WooHoo – let’s go large!