Kromski Faster and Jumbo Flyers, Whorls & Bobbins

For Kromski Double Drive Spinning Wheels –  Minstrel, Symphony and Polonaise:

All Kromski double drive wheels are supplied with two whorls for a good range of four nicely spaced ratios. To increase the range you can add a high speed whorl. Although Kromski do not advertise using the high speed whorl on the Minstrel I do so regularly and have not had any problems doing so. The ratio is lower because of the smaller drive wheel, but is the highest you will get on the Minstrel.

  • High speed whorl, 25:1 on Symphony and Polonaise wheels              £13 each

Kromski High speed whorl

For extra low ratios there is a Jumbo Flyer kit Fantastic for plying chunky yarns and all those fancy art yarns many love to make. The great big hooks allow all sorts of exciting yarn through without snagging. Supplied complete with one large bobbin, useful for producing longer lengths of plied yarn too.

Kromski Double drive Jumbo Kit (1024x932) (2)Double drive Jumbo Flyer Kit for the Minstrel, Symphony or Polonaise. Includes an extra whorl/pulley for low speeds, a replacement front maiden, and one Jumbo bobbin:  clear finish £94.50, bare wood £8691

Slow whorl can be used for lower speeds on the regular flyer £13 all finish options

Fantasia Jumbo flyer kit

With its huge 27mm orifice, larger even then the Ashford Country Spinner, this is a new direction for crazy, funky art yarn spinning. Like all the other Kromski jumbo flyers, this will easily use the standard bobbins for spinning. Of course you can spun on the jumbo bobbin for extra length of singles yarns. The kit comes with an extra low speed 4:1 ratio whorl so you have ultimate control while spinning those complex yarns, but you can use the standard whorls as well. All options available from stock. The included yarn guides are suitably huge, and the kit also has a jumbo bobbin and replacement string and spring set. See the image below. WooHoo – let’s go large!

Kromski Fantasia Jumbo Flye

Kromski Single Drive Spinning Wheels – Sonata, Interlude and Prelude:

With the full complement of flyers (Standard, Faster & Jumbo) the single drive wheels offer the most variety of ratios possible. The Faster Flyer needs no modification to the wheel, simply swap the standard flyer for the Faster one:

Kromski single drive Faster Flyer sThe Jumbo flyer kit for the single drive wheels, Sonata, Interlude and Prelude includes the jumbo flyer with 18mm orifice, a replacement front maiden, and one jumbo bobbin, see below for extra bobbins.Kromski Sonata jumbo flyer kit, walnut finish

  • Sonata Faster Flyer = 12, 16, & 18:1                      £56.50
  • Sonata Jumbo kit =  5, 5.75, & 10:1                      £85.50
  • Interlude Faster Flyer = 13.3, 17.5, & 20:1              £56.50
  • Prelude Faster Flyer = 11, 14.5 & 16.5:1                 £56.50
  • Interlude Jumbo kit = 5.5, 8.3 & 11:1                        £85.50
  • Prelude Jumbo kit = 5, 7 & 9:1                                 £85.50

Unpolished bare wood flyers for single drive wheel are available:
Faster flyer £53.95 Jumbo kit £82.50

 Additional Kromski Bobbins:

Extra bobbins are always useful – can we ever have enough?

Kromski standard bobbins hold significantly more yarn than many others – 100g on a bobbin is easily achieved. The bobbins have different size flanges on each end.  Use the big flange with Scotch tension and low ratios in double drive, and the small size flange with high ratios in double drive. Jumbo bobbins fit both styles of Jumbo flyers. Both sizes currently available in clear finish; standard bobbins in Walnut, Mahogany and unfinished. They can be colour matched to a bespoke finished wheel.

        • Standard size bobbins £15.50 each suit all flyers, all finishes, bare wood £13.75
        • Jumbo Bobbins – £16.25 each suit all Jumbo Flyers, all finishes, bare wood £15.50

Kromski standard & jumbo bobbins

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