Kromski Spinning Wheels Accessories

Kromski produce a range of accessories to enhance your spinning satisfaction. When ordered for delivery with a wheel there is no additional carriage charge. See Delivery costs page for more details.

Look through the pages for more information on Jumbo Flyers, High speed Flyers and additional whorls; Lazy Kates; Niddy Noddies; and other Accessories.

If you would like a complete price list please contact us and one will be emailed to you.

Oil Bottle £9 each.

With extra long fine nozzle, and supplied full of oil, these are perfect for any spinning wheel. Easily reach all those tight, awkward places which need lubrication. As supplied with all new Kromski wheels.

Scotch tension spring & string set £4 each.

As supplied with all Kromski wheels this handy replacement spring & string is a useful spare just in case the spring gets overstretched and loses its oomph!                                                                    

Threading hooks from £8 each.

With a curved shaft and nicely turned handle these threading hooks are ideal for use with any spinning wheel. The curve sends the hook easily through the orifice to emerge in the perfect position to easily pick up your yarn from the bobbin. No more frustrating fiddling! Shown here in clear lacquer and unfinished (top right), they are also available from stock in the standard Kromski Walnut or Mahogany finishes.

Kromski spinners threading hooks

Drop spindles £10 each

Lovely polished drop spindles at an affordable price, ideal for using while learning to spin with a drop spindle. Made from solid natural alder the whorl is 100 mm diameter and the weights in the region of 60-65g. The total spindle weight is around 75-80g including shaft and hook, and the shaft is 300mm excluding the hook. They can be used for top or bottom whorl spinning and the tapered shaft is easily removable for packing away flat.

This size and weight of spindle is often used for heavier yarns, but that said I happily spin quite fine yarns on these spindles. Shown here in clear lacquer they are also available from stock in the standard Kromski Walnut or Mahogany finishes.Kromski drop spindle, top whorl (554x1024)

Kromski drop spindle, flat

Nostepinne from £10 each

A handy tool beautifully made in polished alder wood to easily make balls of yarn from your handspun. Available in clear finish and bare wood only.

Elastic Drive Bands from £8 each

These will fit the Interlude, Prelude, Minstrel and Sonata. The two ends need to be joined with heat while on the wheel. It’s easily done and full instructions are sent with the band. If you want a stretchy drive band on your Symphony or Polonaise please contact me, I can help!

Additional Kromski Bobbins:

Extra bobbins are always useful – can we ever have enough?

Kromski standard bobbinsKromski standard finish bobbin copyStandard Kromski bobbins will fit all flyers, on any Kromski wheel.

Kromski standard bobbins hold significantly more yarn than many others – 100g on a bobbin is easily achieved. The bobbins have different size flanges on each end.  Use the big flange with Scotch tension and low ratios in double drive, and the small size flange with high ratios in double drive. Standard and Jumbo sizes available in Clear, Walnut or Mahogany finish, the standard bobbins are also available unfinished and can be colour matched to a bespoke finished wheel. Jumbo bobbins fit both styles of Kromski Jumbo flyers, and the Jumbo flyers can also take the regular standard bobbin, handy!

  • Standard size bobbins – suit all flyers              £14.50 each, all finishes
    unpolished natural bare wood £13 each
  • Jumbo Bobbins – suit all Jumbo Flyers            £15.25 each, all finishes
    unpolished natural bare wood £14.50 each.

For any further information, phone 01558 650760 or contact us through the form here.

Kromski Jumbo bobbins for any Kromski Jumbo flyer