Latest news January 2021

Spinwise Online Shop continues to grow apace with new products being added daily for click to buy purchasing. We keep pretty much everything in stock so if you don’t see it in the shop it does not mean it is not available, just not yet listed for online purchase so please get in touch the old fashioned way or phone o1558 650760/07484 201541 🙂

Magnetic flyer head set for Sonata

Kromski’s latest addition to the range is now available here at Spinwise. The magnetic flyer head for the Sonata, with sliding yarn guides, extra ratios and double drive option is now in stock ready to ship. See the Sonata flyer head page here for all the details. Pictures coming soon.


Spinwise blending boards now available in unpolished wood

Our popular blending board sets are now available in well finished, unpolished bare wood. With the same specification as the polished versions, the same wide 12″ cloth it is a useful platform for blending different colours and types of fibres for spinners and felters alike. At £108 for the full set it offers excellent value and an exciting option for making yours unique with your own decorative style. See the blending board page for full specification details and more images.

Blending Board

Hand dyed, hand spun, hand woven silk cloth for the corset

I thank my sheep – the great survivors.

I’ve just come in from the latest stormy weather, strong winds, sheeting rain, and cold. Not cold enough to snow, granted, but oh, so wet. The fields have standing water, and the sheep have to put their backs to the wind and rain and spend pretty much all day eating the short winter grass, then pick a place to hunker down and get through the night. I was out working for 45 minutes, clad almost entirely in wool clothes, my socks, skirt, jumper, scarf, hat, coat and gloves, all 100% wool. The sheep are out in this weather all day and all night, every day and every night. Like I was, they are clad in wool.

I thank my sheep from the depth of my heart for providing me with such an amazing resource in their wool. It has enabled them to survive frighteningly outrageous climate conditions for millennia. Without their amazing wool they would perish, either from the cold, wet, or heat of the summer sun. Wool is so versatile a material it can be used to house and clothe our families and, by the way of improving soil structure as it rots, – wool shoddy it the best soil conditioner there is – can even contribute to feeding us.

And then, while I am sitting inside in the comfort of my house, insulated with wool by the way, I even get the sheer pleasure of working with it, spinning yarn, weaving and knitting it into practical and beautiful products to further enhance my life and feed my soul. I love my sheep, the great survivors. Without them, for many reasons, my life would be so much the poorer.

New addition to the flock, Miracle Mike - a Shetland x Ryeland surprise lamb.
September Surprise!

Kromski Harp loom 8 inch 20 cm

Ann Fisher Rhodes hand made silk corset

My longest thread entry 2013

Dolly March 2013