Kromski Polonaise – Scandinavian Beauty

Kromski Polonaise double drive spinning wheel 2Beauty without compromise the Kromski Polonaise offers all you would expect from such a traditional spinning wheel. Large 60cm (24″) drive wheel.

£729 in a durable clear finish.

Complete with 3 standard bobbins and matching Vertical Kate.

Walnut/Mahogany finish £746

Unpolished bare wood £646

Spinning wheels are sent with Free standard shipping to UK mainland addresses.

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  •  Large drive wheel produces a versatile range of ratios – 8, 12, 16 & 20:1 (25:1 using the optional high speed whorl).
  • Single treadle
  • Double drive with Scotch Tension facility. Everything you need for using the Scotch tension system is provided with the wheel.
  • The wheel mechanism is contained between the uprights of the wheel and the single footman drives it through the compact bed. Its wide footprint and central drive position gives great stability in use.
  • Fantastic control and ease of use when used with en elastic drive band. (see Accessories pages)
  • 10mm orifice with the standard flyer.
  • Jumbo flyer kit with 18mm orifice available to spin super thick or funky art yarns. Gives ratios of 5 & 7.2:1.
  • On board 2nd whorl and threading hook storage.
  • Supplied with a vertical Lazy Kate, contact us if you would prefer the arched version. Both versions can be braked to stop bobbin over run while plying.
  • Stretchy drive band for effortless single drive spinning £10

Unlike some other wheel which look similar the Polonaise has fully functional threaded wheel adjusters to fine tune the angle of the wheel to the flyer. Leather bearings and pin and socket wheel bearings all add to the traditional functionality of this wheel. The wheel is made from European Alder and Birch and well finished with a durable clear polish.

All Kromski wheels are supplied with three standard bobbins which are fully interchangeable throughout the Kromski range of wheels and have significantly larger capacity than many other bobbins on the market.

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