Spinwise hand card 72 tpi

Spinwise Hand Carders

Spinwise hand carders, specially designed for making perfect rolags from short fibres. Balanced with long ergonomic handles for all day carding.

These carders are a joy to use and very well constructed from European beech. The comfortable turned handles are twice screwed and glued for maximum durability and come fully assembled. They are individually hand finished in a durable polish.

Spinwise hand carders

Available in standard 48 point blue/grey rubber cloth, coarse 36 ppi blue grey, fine 72 point blue grey, and ultra fine 108 point red rubber cloth for easy identification, the cloth is well attached with stainless steel staples. All the wooden edges are sanded with a safe edge for comfortable working, unike many others.

The working area is smaller than many on the market at 175 mm x 70 mm which makes for easier and quicker carding. Rolags produced are still big enough for spinning fat yarns. Overall size is 195 mm x 280 mm including handle. Shown above with a 50p coin for scale. Each carder weighs in the region of 300g.

The shape is a hybrid between flat and curved carders. Although the back of the carder is flat the working surface has a small angle after the flat,, in effect a slight curve. This shape suits the natural action made by your arms when carding without having to concern yourself with either keeping the faces parallel across the stroke as in flat carders or making the more exaggerated sweep needed for some curved carders.

Coarse pitch 36 ppi in blue grey cloth £44 per pair best used for the really strong wools, such as Herdwick. The teeth are well spaced apart and, at 16mm,  longer than standard to allow for the bigger size fibres to be effectively carded.

Standard pitch 48 ppi in blue grey cloth £48 per pair suitable for most wools and many other fibres. It is a versatile all rounder and works well from very short crimpy wools, such as  Castlemilk Moorit, through to the longest wool you would want to hand card. I have even made successful cotton punis on these carders and used them to blend silks and camel fibres with wool. If I only had one pair of carders these are the ones I would choose.72 tpi Carder

Ultra fine pitch in 108 ppi red cloth  £56 per pair suitable only for the really ultra fine fibres. Not just with closer spacing, the teeth are made from much finer wire and could be damaged on stronger fibres. Other makes of high tpi carders often use standard wire for the tines. Spacing standard gauge wire closer together makes carding fine wools more difficult as there is too much metal presented to the fibres.  The ultimate solution for fine, delictae fibres is to have an abundance of ultra fine pins as in these fine Spinwise carders.

Spinwise fine carders 120 tpi