Ekelund Carder – the Journey

Ekelund CarderBorn in Sweden, the Ekelund Carder is like no other.

Designed from scratch as an electric machine this carder has lots of special features which not only make it fabulous for functional fibre processing, it is strikingly beautiful.

How did it all start?

A few years ago the designer Lena Ekelund started to work with alpaca fibres; she has designed and made bespoke knits in lambswool since the mid nineties. In 2008 she started to look into other fibres and found she loved to work with baby alpaca yarns and started making lace wraps made from singles lace weight yarn. Sourcing singles in alpaca locally turned out to be easier said than done. Through a range of circumstances she found an alpaca farm that had limited stocks of alpaca yarn, quickly Lena bought what they had available and was soon out of yarn again. A year later it was offered to Lena that she take part in the shearing at the farm which breeds one of Sweden’s finest, prizewinning alpaca herds.

After carding some of the alpaca by hand she realised that hand carding the amount of fibre she needed would leave no time for the spinning and knitting. Lena scoured the net for a carder made for the delicate baby alpaca fibres without damaging them; at the same time removing as much of the debris in the fleece as possible. She tried a range of different carders, but none fitted the bill and the all looked, quite frankly, totally unsexy. Nowhere could she find the carder of her dreams.

Lena, being an enterprising design engineer, started to think about making an electric carder for herself and her fine fibres; to card them, blend them and make painted batts. She started mulling over what she would like in her carder. This resulted in an increasingly longer list of wishes, requirements, functions, specifications and sketches for the perfect carder for her picky self. Some items high on the list were not even carding related. She wanted a carder to be easily cleaned, better looking and less noisy than the ones she tried before.Talking to fibre friends she realised after a while that not only was there nothing like what she was planning but there was a demand for a carder like the one she yearned for. This led Lena to get in touch with a group of experienced spinners and carders to get their feedback.

So what started as a private dream project has now, some time later, evolved into the Ekelund Carder. Not only for Lena, but for you all who want amazing batts and that bit of extra glam in your lives!

Available to order they are shipped direct to you from Sweden, delivery included, in a purpose built crate:

Ekelund Carder and packing crateDirect from Sweden

£2450 + Swedish VAT

including shipping/storage crate and delivery to UK mainland address

For further information, phone 01558 650760 or contact us through the form here.