Ekelund Electric Drum Carder

The Ekelund Carder, designed from scratch by an award winning  Swedish design engineer, is indeed a special machine. Unlike other electric drum carders this machine is not a motorised hand drum carder, it is a purpose built electric drum carder. The aluminium housing provides a sturdy and durable frame for the drums and motors and the drum settings stay the same even when the temperature and humidity varies. Unlike wood, aluminium is fully stable in varying atmospheric conditions. The use of thick aluminium plate also gives great opportunity for the unique use of colour.

Ekelund Carder

This machine is fantastic at removing a lot of the dirt, VM and short broken fibres from the fleece. This dust is hazardous once in the air and a motorised machine gives the dust much more velocity than a hand cranked machine. The Ekelund carder housing and guarding means that all of this dust is safely contained under the machine and is not being breathed in. Although optimised for alpaca, raw and washed, it does a great job on clean, washed wool as well. The machine is equipped with a packing in brush. Easily operated using the side handle as and when required, it is contained inside the housing to allow for maximum throw out of dirt before the fibres are packed down. The lickerin is also easily removable to be effectively cleaned… you guessed it – the designer is a woman!


Electrical: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, Max 150W, CE compliant

Dimensions: Length 630 mm, Height 360 mm, Width 320 mm

Shipping weight including crate and tools 30 kg, the carder itself weighs 19.5 kg

Carding width  190 mm

Drum Diameter 320 mm, lickerin diameter 75 mm

Batt size: 190 mm wide, 1 metre long
Batts come off the machine at 190mm wide and expand in width as the fibres relax.

Drum speeds: fully variable independently for both drum and lickerin.

Available to order they are shipped direct to you from Sweden, delivery included, in a purpose built crate.

Ekelund Electric drum carder right view

Price Direct from Sweden

£2450 + Swedish VAT

including shipping/storage crate and delivery to UK mainland address

For further information, phone 01558 650760 or contact us through the form here.