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Spinwise – for Kromski spinning wheels, looms, accessories, friendly advice and know how. Always happy to help.

Phone Ann on 01558 650760 or 07484 201541

Ann and the team are still working hard in these difficult times. We have good stocks and are still sending out orders in our usual quick time so you don’t have to wait to get crafting 🙂

Everything is now available in the online shop for click to buy ordering. The site is still building. If you don’t see what you want just get in touch and we will add it to the shop for online purchase.
Any questions please just ask, we are always happy to help.

Keep happy, keep creating.

Spinwise stocks the most comprehensive range of Kromski equipment in the UK. We stock the full range of Kromski spinning wheels, Kromski Harp Forte and Presto rigid heddle looms, and all Kromski accessories. Everything listed on the website is normally in stock for immediate dispatch. If it’s Kromski product you can get it here.

We have also developed a range of our own hand carding and fibre blending equipment. See the carding pages for more information on these products. The Spinwise Blending board sets are now available too, see here.

All the yarn in images on this site was hand spun by me, Ann Fisher, using Kromski wheels and, in one case, a drop spindle. The pictures of sheep are from of my flock of mixed breed sheep kept primarily for their fibre. Click on the pictures to find out a little more (opens a new window).

All wheels are sent with Free standard shipping, to UK mainland addresses, see delivery costs for more details.

For ways to order please see Ordering from Spinwise page. We are always happy to speak to you in person or by email. We believe passionately in customer service and support, and that taking the time to deal personally is the best option for Spinwise and our customers. We hope you appreciate this too.

Bobby Dazzler Spinwise sheepThere are many factors to consider when buying a new wheel, style, size, wheel type, ease of use, transportation, build quality, availability of extras and accessories… and, of course, price!Kromski Interlude completeOver the years I have looked at and tried lots of different wheels. Occasionally I find one I particularly like, and sometimes one I dislike. Most of the time most wheels were fine to spin on. But I kept coming back to Kromski wheels. I find them a Joy to spin on. That’s important to me – I spin every day, and often for hours at a time.

Kromski Symphony (903x1024)They are perhaps not so well known as some of the other prominent makes but that does not mean they are inferior. Kromski produce a nice range of styles, from very traditional wheels to a modern folding design – but whatever the style you can be sure of good quality and excellent value for money.Kromski Minstrel double drive spinning wheel (3)In these pages you will find pictures and technical information to be able to choose your new Kromski wheel and accessories with full technical back up and after sales service from me, Ann Fisher, experienced hand spinner and teacher. I believe that service is crucial to gaining and maintaining satisfied customers, before and after purchase. Dealing with Spinwise will give the best help available should any queries arise at any time.Sonata Mother of AllKromski wheels are supplied part by them part assembled.The assembly instructions are easy to follow and there is nothing heavy or complicated to do – the main wheel is all done!

Kromski Polonaise double drive spinning wheel 2Kromski InterludeKromski standard bobbinsEverything is now also available to purchase in bare wood so you can use your own artistry, please contact us for prices. Much is held in stock, others are to order.

Kromski arched lazy kate with bobbinsFor more information please telephone 01558 650760

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