Latest news 12 February 2018

New prices are implemented from today 12 February 2018

*** Important update regarding prices***

Kromski have just informed us that their prices are set to rise, and must be implemented by 12th February 2018.

As dealers we are all bound by the minimum retail prices set by Kromksi, and this is the first price rise from them since 2015. Prices are also affected by the € to £ exchange rate. Though we try and keep the prices as stable as possible we have to bear that in mind and make adjustments from time to time to reflect that.

If you want to get ahead of the price rises – which are significant, particularly on spinning wheels and looms – make your move now!

Minstrel Great Flyer

New in – the Minstrel Great Flyer. This exciting new piece of kit will be at Wonderwool, come on to F5 and see!

Wonderwool Wales 2017

Not long to go now. remember that if you would like your order bringing to the show to save your postage I will need to know by Thursday 20th April.

See you there!

Longest Thread results are just in!

I am pleased to say that my entry was placed third overall in the wool spinning wheel category, with 505.215m over 10g 2 ply thread.

I was also placed 2nd in the alpaca wheel category with 227.226m over 10m.

All spun on my glorious Kromski Symphony wheel, with no adaptions.

Well done to all the other entrants, my spinning students all did well too, and we had second place in the group entry.

Keep spinning, keep smiling!!

Weaver’s Choice Heddles
The latest addition to the growing Kromski family is the Weaver’s choice Heddle. They are available now to order, stock will be arriving within the next two weeks. Offering flexibility in design, and a cost and space saving over buying a complete set of fixed reeds, these interchangeable heddles are an exciting new product with lots of potential. More pictures will be uploaded as soon as they arrive, please ask for details. new-weavers-choice

New prices in force from 25 October 2016.

Price Increase Notification: 14/10/2016

We are all aware of the impact on the money markets following the Brexit vote. With new orders arriving all the time my direct costs have gone up significantly. As dealers we are bound by a price point given by Kromski based on the Euro.

This notice is to advise that prices across the whole range will rise by around 15%. If you are wondering whether to buy equipment, and are undecided, now it the time to act! I hold large stocks and should be able to accommodate your order at the current price from stock if ordered now.

It’s never easy to indicate price rises, it affects us all. Thanks for your understanding and continued custom, I appreciate it 🙂

The Flooring Show

Ann will be away at the Flooring Show, demonstrating hand spinning for Curtis Wools. Orders taken this coming week will not be dispatched until the week beginning 26 September. If you leave a telephone message it will not be answered until 26 September, so email contact is best. Alternatively phone the mobile 07473 002369 and Ann will call you back if she is unable to answer at the time. Thanks!


Hopefully, the Brynawel sheep will start being divested of their woolly coats over the next few days.

Ann shears them by hand, with blades rather than clippers.This is hot, sticky, laborious and hard work for her. The sheep are so relaxed they often fall asleep. It’s a far cry from the usual shearing chaos. She picks the sheep individually to be able to shear clean through the rise for the absolute best quality spinning fibre.

It does mean that she may be rather difficult to pin down by phone, so best to make contact by email. She will reply to incoming mails as soon as she is able in between fleeces.

Looking forward to seeing some glorious fluff….

April 2016

Back from setting up for the 2016 Wonderwool show. We have the full Kromski range of stock and accessories ready for you to buy and take home with you. It’s a particularly good to stock up on extra accessories for the larger looms to save on postage costs…. heddles, shuttles, and pick up and warping sticks are tricky to post! More stock is also on the way, so if we sell out over the weekend you will not have to wait long for your order.

The unpolished Fantasia is held now held in stock, along with all the accessories and flyer options to suit.

Do pop by and say hello and have a sit down and spin in comfort. I look forward to meeting you.
Ann and the Spinwise team.

Just in! Kromski Fantasia Jumbo flyer kits.
The website pages will be updated shortly with full details…..

The Kromski Fantasia is now in stock in all finish and bare wood options.

I am pleased to say the full range of Fantasias is here and we have all options available from stock, along with all accessories. Until I get chance to build some and photograph them the images are as supplied by Kromski and show the old style flyer. Fully updated with sliding rings rather than hooks the Fantasia is a thoroughly modern wheel in design and approach. See the Fantasia page for more information and images.

Bothwell Longest Thread 2015

Results just in! Ann and her Symphony have been awarded 2nd place for this year’s Longest Thread competition, so not only another first for Wales, this time we are placed 🙂 I used Polwarth from Donna’s flock at The Whorl’s End as Dolly is, sadly, no longer with us. My Symphony had no modifications at all, I spun on regular bobbins and used Scotch tension with a normal brake band.

p-LUSH 2015 and British Alpaca Futurity

We will be at the p-LUSH show alongside the British Alpaca Futurity in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry 27 – 28 March. With all those alpacas in the show the Ekelund Carder will be the main focus and it is an ideal opportunity to see it in action. For more information about the Ekelund Carder see the Wool and Fibre Preparation pages. See you there!

Warping stick sets for 8″ looms

Exclusive to Spinwise, a full set of 12 warping sticks for the 8″ looms for just £8. See here.

Spinwise blending boards now listed on the website

Our blending board kits are now listed on the web pages.  With wide 12″ cloth it is a useful platform for blending different colours and types of fibres for spinners and felters. Packed with unique features and extras at £120 for the full kit it offers excellent value and an exciting option for a Christmas present… See the blending board page for full details and more images.

Blending Board

The Journal, issue 252

The latest edition of the Journal, magazine for the Association of Weavers Spinners and Dyers, is offering a free download as a sample article the piece I wrote about my spinning certificate test piece silk corset.. If you are interested to find out more about the Journal follow this link:  and read all about it!

Hand dyed, hand spun, hand woven silk cloth for the corset

Changes to the specification on Harp Forte looms

The Harp Forte looms come with 8 dpi reed as standard, rather than the 10 dpi as in the regular Harp looms. If you have any questions about this please ask when ordering your loom.

Thunderstorm zaps the phone lines

Since the recent storm the phone line has been behaving strangely. If you ring and there is no answer or answerphone please do email me. Emails are behaving, so your message will get through.

Thanks for your patience.

Lampeter Make It festival

I will be away today at the Lampeter Make It festival. I will of course catch up with missed calls and emails on my return. Thanks for your patience.

More accessories for the looms!

The latest addition to the Kromski Harp loom family is the 5 dpi heddle. Ideal for very fat weft and Sakiori weaving these heddles are the same price as the regular ones. In stock now in all sizes 🙂

The new Forte is here.

Great news! Today we took delivery of the new harp looms, called Forte. These have a metal ratchet and pawl system instead of the original harp’s plastic ones. The pawls are held magnetically to the ratchets. allowing for much simpler winding on and higher warp tension. No longer do you have to turn the pawl out of the ratchets by hand.

We also have upgrade kits which you can use to change your original harp to the new system at a cost of £18 plus shipping. Once the current stocks of looms are sold all the loom prices will increase by £18 as they include the new system.

Updated prices to come into effect from 23 June 2014

We have just had instruction from Kromski that new prices will come into force from 23 June. If you are thinking about buying any of the larger pieces of equipment, such as spinning wheels and looms, and place your order with us before the 23 June we will be able to sell to you at the current prices while our current stocks last. Prices are set to rise by almost 10% on these items, the accessories are not, on the whole, affected.

We have no control over the price increases. As dealers we are all bound by agreement with Kromski to sell at a minimum price set by them in order to maintain market fairness for everybody. Dealers selling at discount prices are doing so against their agreement with Kromski and their dealership can be instantly revoked.

I hold comprehensive stocks of most of Kromski’s products. If an item is listed on this website it is in stock ready for immediate despatch. If an item is temporarily out of stock it will be marked as such, but has yet to happen in the Kromski range!

Ann Fisher Rhodes

6 May 2014

We are back from Wonderwool, thanks to all those who came to visit us on the stand, and apologies to those who tried to get to me but couldn’t reach me through the throng.

We were awarded first prize for the best 6m stand by the organisers. Thank you Chrissie! It makes all the extra effort worthwhile.

Unfortunately while we were at the show Dolly, our old mother sheep, died peacefully. It was her time. She had just had her 18th birthday a couple of weeks earlier, a very good age for a sheep. She was a brilliant mother and had several sets of twins and 5 sets of triplets, rearing them all herself, we never had to intervene or help out. What a star. Bless her, we will miss her, such a kind gentle and friendly soul. I have some of her fleece, plenty of her lambs are still with us, and of course the prize winning longest thread, so lots to remember her by.

12 February 2014

I thank my sheep – the great survivors.

I’ve just come in from the latest stormy weather, strong winds, sheeting rain, and cold. Not cold enough to snow, granted, but oh, so wet. The fields have standing water, and the sheep have to put their backs to the wind and rain and spend pretty much all day eating the short winter grass, then pick a place to hunker down and get through the night. I was out working for 45 minutes, clad almost entirely in wool clothes, my socks, skirt, jumper, scarf, hat, coat and gloves, all 100% wool. The sheep are out in this weather all day and all night, every day and every night. Like I was, they are clad in wool.

I thank my sheep from the depth of my heart for providing me with such an amazing resource in their wool. It has enabled them to survive frighteningly outrageous climate conditions for millennia. Without their amazing wool they would perish, either from the cold, wet, or heat of the summer sun. Wool is so versatile a material it can be used to house and clothe our families and, by the way of improving soil structure as it rots, – wool shoddy it the best soil conditioner there is – can even contribute to feeding us.

And then, while I am sitting inside in the comfort of my house, insulated with wool by the way, I even get the sheer pleasure of working with it, spinning yarn, weaving and knitting it into practical and beautiful products to further enhance my life and feed my soul. I love my sheep, the great survivors. Without them, for many reasons, my life would be so much the poorer.

5 November 2013

Kromski 8″ harps and accessories all now in stock! The new size loom has been here for a while but the heddles have only just come in from Poland. I have all dents – 8, 10 and 12 –  available, £14 each. Stands are also in stock at £50 each. Mini 4″ heddles are also available, at £9.50 each, again 8, 10 and 12 dents, all the same price.

22 September 2013

We have been surprised with an unexpected new arrival! Bob, one of our old ewes, whose image graces the header on the Interlude page, had a ram lamb out of the blue. Now we know why she jumped into the ram’s field just before WonderWool earlier this year. Both Bob and baby (Miracle Mike – don’t you just love 8 year old’s names?) are doing well:

New addition to the flock, Miracle Mike - a Shetland x Ryeland surprise lamb.

September Surprise!

6 September 2013

***New in stock***

Spinwise is pleased to announce that the new 8″ (20cm) harp looms are in stock. These little looms are absolutely fabulous for scarves and other narrow projects, as well as sample weaving. Made to the same high standard as the other sizes of Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom they are supplied with the full range of standard accessories as the bigger looms.

Kromski Harp loom 8 inch 20 cm

1 September 2013

Due to popular request for more details of the silk corset:

Ann Fisher Rhodes hand made silk corset


12 August

Last week was a whirr of activity as we got ready for Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Summer School in Carmarthen. I submitted an entry for the AGWSD Certificate of Achievement in spinning and am pleased to say I was awarded a distinction for my work. Ann's CoA exhibition August 2013

2 August

Back from Fibre East, and all back to normal. This time next week we’ll be at the Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers Summer School trade fair in Carmarthen, so if Fibre East was too far East, maybe we’ll see you way out West!

25 July

We are now away at Fibre East and will be back to normal on 30 July. See you there if you are going!

23 July

New Products available. We now stock all varieties of Eucalan in 500 ml and 100 ml bottles, as well as single use sachets in Lavender, Jasmine and unscented. For hard-core Eucalan users the 4 litre jugs are available in Lavender. See the Eucalan page for more details.

17 July 2013

Getting ready for Fibre East.

We are busily getting ready for Fibre East, not long to go now. Remember, we are happy to bring your orders with us to save your postage charges, as long as they are processed before Wednesday 24th July.

29 April 2013

Back from WonderWool Wales!

Thanks for everybody’s patience over the amazingly busy show, it was lovely to meet you all. Apologies to all those who didn’t manage to get to speak to me, it will be easier next time, I’m sure!

The website prices are now updated, please bear with me if there is something missed or wrong, we are shattered!

Happy spinning, weaving and dyeing : )


19 April 2013

Imminent price increase on all Kromski products.

After holding their prices level for a long time Kromski have finally had to increase their prices. Prices will rise across the board, and in some cases they are significant. All dealers must implement the price increases from 24th April 2013. The timing is difficult for me, coming right before Wonderwool next weekend as all my literature, with prices, is already printed!

I have negotiated with Kromski to be able to hold the current prices up to and including the show next weekend, 27/28 April, but prices will change immediately afterwards. So if you are thinking about buying a Kromski product now is the time to confirm your order at current prices. Remember, I will also be happy to bring orders with me to Wonderwool to save on postage charges.

I haven’t yet had chance to update the site with the new prices. Please contact me or phone 01558 650760 if you would like to know the new price of anything in particular. Some prices are unaffected, many increases are in the region of 10%.

Kromski equipment continues to be well made and is still excellent value!

8th April 2013

Coming to Wonderwool? If you are considering buying equipment or accessories and are coming to Wonderwool Wales at the end of the month I am happy to bring your order with me  to save you postage. This will apply to orders placed and paid for before the show, by 24th April. Your order will be packed up and ready for you to collect from our stand, F5 . You save the postage and we get to meet each other, perfect!

5th March 2013

My entry for the Bothwell International Longest Thread Competition was the winning entry for Wales at 300.64 metres 2 ply from just 10 grams of fleece. Spun on my Kromski Symphony using fleece from Dolly, one of my foundation ewes born and living here on my hillside in wales. A winning combination!

No modifications were made to my wheel apart from using a really lightweight brake band – the string taken from a sack. Dolly’s fleece was her 15th shear, she is 17 now.

The competition is held every other year, so there is plenty time to get some practice in on your Kromski wheel and get your entries in for next time! See the links page for their website.

My longest thread entry 2013

Dolly March 2013