Wool, Fibres and Dyes

Wool and other fibres

I now have available from stock a small selection of fibres for spinners. It is not my aim to carry a comprehensive range of all the available fibre types, but I want to share with you some of the wools and wool/silk mixes I enjoy spinning with. I also have some blends which I have had made up specially for me – and you!

I have started with white wools as I also want to encourage you to have a go at dyeing your own fibre or spun yarn – Acid Milling dyes are now listed. Naturally coloured wools will also be available in due course, as will more variety.

Rainbow Coils, knitted on 3.5mm Knit pro needles How to choose?

The most difficult thing for me about buying fibre online, especially when buying a particular type of wool for the first time, is not being able to feel it. So I turn to the photographs and technical information for help. Often the photographs do little to inform – one bag of white fluff looks pretty similar to another! Lists giving staple length and crimp offer knowledge but numbers in isolation do not necessarily convey what I need. Maybe you are also a visual person, in which case I hope the photographs here will help you understand better what you are buying.

I have photographed the samples with three reference points (6″ rule, 20p coin and the same label text size in each picture) for size comparison of staple length and fibre diameter. I am showing a staple length pulled from the combed top as it arrives and part of the same staple with re-activated crimp. This will hopefully give you an idea of what the fibre is really like. Much like using a hair straightener, the crimp is heated and rolled into submission to make the mechanical processing easier, but often results in the tops feeling ‘dead’ or too indistinguishable between different breeds. If you dyed the tops before spinning the crimp will have come back in the dyebath, but if you want to spin undyed wool you can easily reactivate the crimp for yourself at home before you spin, all you need is a bit of steam and hey presto! The crimp (and wool) comes back to life.

White wool tops and wool/silk blends (in alphabetical order)

Dyed fibres are at the end of the list. Prices are all per 100g

 Good news! Several new special blends exclusive to Spinwise. Prices are all per 100g:

Polwarth/Mulberry silk 50/50 fully blended £6.00

Falkland Mulberry silk 50/50 fully blended £5.00

Falkland/Mulberry silk 75/25 4 x blended £4.00

Corriedale/Mulberry silk 75/25 4 x blended £3.50

Bluefaced Leicester £3.25Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)Cheviot (Superwash) £1.95 in stockCheviot (Superwash)Cheviot £1.80Cheviot Corriedale £2.00 in stockCorridale Falkland Merino £3.00 in stockFalklandFalkland A1 Mulberry Silk 75/25 £4.00 in stockFalkland/silk topMerino 100’s (18.5 micron) superfine £3.50 in stockMerino 100's Polwarth £3.25 in stockPolwarthSilk, A1 Mulberry Top £6.75Silk, A1 Mulberry South American Lustre £2.15South American Lustre

 Please contact me or phone 01558 650760 to buy.